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Outdoor advertising is a form of marketing which has been popular for centuries and is something that continues to evolve and develop. It started from paintings on the side of buildings to the various digital options available today. Outdoor advertising and Billboard advertising has never stood still and is even more popular than ever before with a full range of advertisers. Being cost-effective and eye-catching, outdoor advertising has developed over time and now encompass everything from roadside boards to football pitch adverts.


A billboard can be described as a large outdoor advertising structure which is mostly found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads offering large advertisement to passing pedestrians and motorists and are highly visible in top designated market areas. Billboards are primarily located on major highways and usually command high-density consumer exposure. One of the best advertising techniques is to actively involve your audiences and in this case, passers-by are an essential part of the message.

Street Poles

Street poles advertising is one of the most conventional forms of outdoor advertising because of its guaranteed exposure in high traffic locations. With streetlight poles advertisement, advertisers have the opportunity to specifically target their desired geographical location and hence target specific consumers.  It can be adopted for public awareness, promotion, or place restriction that must be followed in society. 

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